Fancy your work being featured?

Happy Wednesday! That means it pretty much the weekend…in my head.

So, I said in my first ever postthat I aim to share all of my visually striking encounters and one way of doing that is to feature other designer/makers 🙂

One of my happy moments is when I stumble upon a creative who produces work that makes me want to jump around in my pants, spooning Nutella (with my special NUTELLA SPREADING KNIFE!) in to my mouth. The whole experience makes me giddy and hopefully you too?

Well, I guess we better get on with it then!

danyell blog feature

If you would like to submit your designs/surface patterns/ illustrations for a spot on my blog, please feel free to contact me with:

  • A little blurb about yourself;
  • your brand/business name;
  • up to 5 photos of your work;
  • social links: your website, Facebook, Twitter page, Instagram, etc; and
  • anything else you’d like me to share/promote!

I’m excited!

Love DanYELL x

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