CASS Art Glasgow Launch Event!

Nothing fills me with pleasure quite like a good hours stroll around an art store. Not just any art store though (cue sexy M&S music) – CASS Art on Glasgow, Queen Street.

To make me even more excited, the Glasgow store is hosting a launch weekend starting tomorrow – Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March, to thank all you lovely lot for being so nice and for contributing to the stores success!

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Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’…

So I’ve decided to start a weekly post, every Wednesday called Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ 🙂 I know it’s Thursday now but I was too busy to finish this yesterday!

Why you say? Well, it basically came in to my head when I was looking through the photo’s I had taken in TK Maxx yesterday on my lunch break, of all the things I wanted…and it happened to be a Wednesday – over the hump an’all that – so Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ was born!

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