Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’…

So I’ve decided to start a weekly post, every Wednesday called Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ 🙂 I know it’s Thursday now but I was too busy to finish this yesterday!

Why you say? Well, it basically came in to my head when I was looking through the photo’s I had taken in TK Maxx yesterday on my lunch break, of all the things I wanted…and it happened to be a Wednesday – over the hump an’all that – so Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ was born!

I will head out every Wednesday and snap all the bits ‘n’ bobs that I come across within the hour of my lunch break. I’m actually getting a wee bit excited about it to be honest. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever typed ‘Wednesday’ as much in my life.

My stroll around TK Maxx, Sauchiehall Street was delightful. Their buyers seem to have been in my head at some point because LOADS of the products were right up my street and if I had a trolley instead of my ‘flower power’ foldable bag, I would’ve  bought the lot. Here’s my favourite picks of the day –

IMG_20150225_135016 IMG_20150225_134912 IMG_20150225_134840 IMG_20150225_134752 IMG_20150225_134453  IMG_20150225_134413 IMG_20150225_134326

Unfortunately I no longer have spare areas in my flat to house these things. The last space was taken up by a neon pink bunny and a gold pineapple photo frame from my beloved Paperchase.

See you next Wednesday with more treats, yus! 🙂

Love DanYELL x

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