DanYELL loves…Doodlemoo Designs


Don’t worry, it’s just got better because I have my first designer/maker spotlight post for you!

Paper artist, Nicola McFadyen of Doodlemoo Designs kindly responded to my  re-post about featuring designers and I’m rather happy that she did 🙂

Nicola first discovered her paper cutting talents when she was making her wedding invitations by cutting a tree out on EVERY SINGLE INVITE…girls got patience! She had a moment and soon realised she just had to experiment more with this craft.

With her super sharp scalpel knife and paper at the ready, Nicola created Doodlemoo Designs and here’s what she has to offer –

As you can see, Nicola has one steady hand and a great eye for detail 😀 Without doubt, these would make excellent gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and pretty much any event really!

So, get your orders in folks – Nicola’s scalpel is ready for you! Hhhmmm, that sounds a wee bit creepy but it’s not meant to be so it’s fine! (Shut up Danielle).

Love DanYELL x






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