Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ – I can smell summer…

Can you believe I’ve managed to post this on the day I’m supposed to?! *bows*

So today mostly involved me running around in the rain, trying to find shelter – THANKS GLASGOW. It wasn’t all dreich (miserable to the foreigners, ha!), as I managed to come across some gems whilst dripping weegie rain water all over them – some which were rather expensive…

It’s quite clear that we’re bursting for summer. The shops seems to be sort of skipping by spring and unleashing bold, tropical-like products – especially in clothes shops. I’m fine with that – you know how I like a pineapple.

Here’s what made me want to empty my bank:

Just in case you were wondering which of the expensive items I soaked – it was the amazingly blingy, black skull money box. I don’t really feel that bad to be honest because I made it sparkle even more 😀

Hope your Wednesday is super.

Love DanYELL x

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