MEALS: Veggie chilli the DanYELL way

Starring on Little Nibbles blog today 😆

Little Nibble

People hate to cook for me, is that normal? Just because I don’t eat wheat, like to avoid dairy and don’t like eating things from packets… Ok, yes I’m the dinner guest from hell so when one of my favourite ladies offered to cook dinner for me last week I jumped at the chance. Meet my friend Danielle.

Danielle from DanYELL

Danielle is the brain behind DanYELL, she is from Glasgow, she’s really short, obsessed with Elvis and gnomes – she’s a total weirdo and she makes the prettiest things ever:

DanYELL cushion

Danielle had a tough task ahead of her, there were four of us eating dinner and we have one wheat/dairy free diet, one egg/lentil/dairy free diet and one pescatarian. Now this sounds like a recipe for disaster but I can assure you that Danielle’s vegetable chilli was to die for!

Serves 4

What you need:
Spray oil
Two peppers
2 tins of…

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