DanYELL @ Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design textile degree show 2015

Please note: This is a LOOOOOOONG overdue post but I’m still putting it out there!

So, Scotland’s degree shows have flown by for another year and yet again a bunch of superb new designers emerge. Long gone is their crying, drinking, sweating, eating, crying, drinking, drinking, drinking – well that’s what I was doing NINE years ago…

Me and Jim (my pirate man), love trekking around the degree shows every year to see what new talent is being released and to hopefully snap up little bits of peoples work along the way, so we started with my former art school, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee (or Fundee…sorry) :D.

Well what can I say; I love this place. It was my home for four hilarious and messy years with the best tutors, support and pals anyone could ask for, so it’s no surprise I get a bit giddy going back.

We always head for my old studios first, in the textiles department. Walking down the corridors, it’s like I’ve never left the place and I think I always tell Jim the same stories about it. He “listens”. The aspect I really like about the DOJ textiles show is the studio filled with the students sketchbooks, sample work and presentation sheets. This was never really on show to the same extent at my degree show but I’m glad it’s taking pride of place now.

IMG_20150523_111635 IMG_20150523_111248 IMG_20150523_111128 IMG_20150523_111351

I had quite a few favourites, so obviously I whipped out my phone and spent half the time Instagramming the life out of them:

We managed to buy two beautiful paintings from Hannah Fairly‘s portfolio which are currently still waiting to be framed…

This years students really seemed to utilise the technology that DOJ now has to offer. There was a fresh wave of laser-cut fabrics and bold use of the digital fabric printers. I remember how excited we were in our year when our department won their first digital printer! Poor Norie (our ever so calm print technician) would be bombarded with print requests at the very last minute and not once did he or the machine disappoint 😀

I’d like to finish by congratulating some of the success stories at this years New Designers 2015 where Calum Wilson won the New Designers Harlequin Award for his geometric screen printed work and Emma McCluskey who won over the judges with her ‘Unnatural Botanicals’ project, winning herself the New Designers Clothworkers’ Company Associate Prize. Huuuraaaah!

Nice one DOJ. I miss you ❤


Love DanYELL x

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