Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ – from London!

Will I ever post Wednesday’s ‘WANTS’ on Wednesday? Hhmmm.  I have a good enough reason for that though…I was in Laaandaaan! I was away at an event in the Google offices with my ‘day job’. I snapped a man working AND exercising simultaneously, as well as some lilo’s on the ceiling…

After the event, I went on a little run-around to see what I could drool over. I only had a window of about half an hour as I needed to catch the train back to the airport! BUT, I found the most wonderful items in – wait for it – LONDON LIVERPOOL STREET STATION! Take a breath and look at these beauts:

Not bad for a scoot around was it? I’m loving the neon and gold trend at the minute, as well as all the pineapples obviously!

Most of these items are online BUT can’t seem to link to the pages at the minute. I’ll work that out later 🙂

Hope you enjoyed and it’s nearly the weekend, YUS!

Love DanYELL x

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